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MaxFuel for iPhone

MaxFuel is an app designed to help pilots maximize their fuel quickly and accurately.  It also has features of refueling calculations and checking, as well as an uplift timer.


Need a quick and accurate method to calculate maximum fuel?  

Forget about using pen and paper to do the math…let MaxFuel do it for you!


MaxFuel is quick maximum fuel weight calculator and refueling app for an aircraft standard 2 or 3 fuel tank configuration.  It can easily be used for aircraft such as the Boeing 727, 737, 757, 767, 777 the Airbus 320 series and many corporate series aircraft.

On many occasions pilots will arrive to briefing or planning to operate a flight that requires maximum fuel to their destination, whether this be for tankering, weather or operational reasons.  But many times the initial fuel decision is based on estimated payloads or zero fuel weights which can make it difficult to determine exactly how much fuel can be carried until final weights are obtained.  MaxFuel assists pilots in this fuel decision by making these calculations quickly and accurately by first working with estimated weights until such time actual/final weights are provided.


MaxFuel is designed to assist the pilot in determining maximum fuel with built-in checks to ensure you do not take-off over weight or exceed any limitation that was set by the user.  If a user-defined limitation is exceeded MaxFuel will suggest how to fix the over-weight, all while maximizing fuel that can be carried.

Simply input the trip details with the estimated Zero Fuel Weight (ZFW) and MaxFuel will estimate the maximum amount of fuel that can be carried.  This allows the pilot to make an informed decision about desired fuel uplift until a final ZFW can be obtained and entered to calculate a final fuel amount to be uploaded.  All estimated and calculated weights are checked to ensure no user-defined limitation is exceeded, allowing the pilot to get the most amount of fuel on board without going over limitations.  

When a final fuel is calculated you can easily pre-load the fuel weight that was calculated into the Fuel Uplift option allowing easier and quicker fuel uplift calculations.  Limitations management is also incorporated to ensure wrong values are not entered by mistake.  Additional features allows the pilot to see different units of the calculated fuel and a range of minimum/maximum allowed uplift volumes based on user default tolerance.  This will ensure the pilot remains within company mandated fuel uplift tolerance.

Additional features include:

  • Add multiple aircraft

  • Option of selecting units in Kilogram (Kgs) or Pounds (LBS)

  • Optional Center Tank toggle for aircraft with center tank

  • Overweight warnings

  • Overweight suggestive corrections

  • Fuel Uplift calculator can be used independently

  • Uplift Time calculator

  • Uplift Time countdown timer

  • Uplift Time notifications and alarm

  • Fuel Check for Weight and Volume Tolerances

  • Fuel Check option to accept volume units opposite of default units

  • PDF MaxFuel Report Generator for Estimates and Calculated weights

  • PDF MaxFuel Report Generator for All weights and fuel uplift volume/weights 

  • Option to share PDF MaxFuel Report via email, notes etc.

  • Specifically chosen colors for ease of reading and data entry

  • Glossary and Abbreviation

  • Help pages

  • And much more

Get MaxFuel Today!!

Now Available on the App Store!



For support or help with MaxFuel, please submit the below form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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