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Solutions to the operational needs
of pilots

Don't Deviate, iAviate!


Accuracy and efficiency in
aircraft operations

Access relevant information
quickly.  Accurately obtain
data through precision
controls, and ensure
accurate outputs.

Take control of daily flight

Professionally and accurately
overcome challenging
operations with easy access
to critical information.

Interfaces that attribute to
safety in aviation

Provide the efficient desired
outcome in the process to
reduce risk of errors through
accuracy and controls.

Introducing MaxFuel

MaxFuel is an app designed to help pilots maximize their fuel quickly and accurately.

“MaxFuel reduces my workload a lot, especially when I am busy in the cockpit preparing for the departure and receive the decision zero fuel weight. I just input the figures in MaxFuel and my tankering fuel is safely and precisely calculated.”

Capt. Reinaldo Menegoli, B737

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